Message from our Executive Director:

Every year brings with it tremendous excitement and challenges for all of us at People in Need as we celebrate over 22 years of services to our community. We could not have reached this milestone without the time, commitment, and donations of our many supporters in Lawrence County and nearby counties.

These contributions either given in staff time, volunteering, or donations, helped to support clients and create hope for those in need. This valued support enabled us to maintain the programs and services upon which many members of our community have come to depend.

Our founder, the late Dr. Sally Kissick, was inspired to create a “one stop social service”. Her passion and fortitude has continued in the services provided today at People in Need.

A critical goal has been to offer clients and their families counseling, information, and resources to assist them in their daily lives. As we rededicate ourselves to supporting the people in need in Lawrence County and our surrounding communities, we hope you will continue to help us fulfill the innumerable needs in our community.

Board of Directors

Dr. Sharon Hodge, Executive Director
Mr. Joseph Thomas, Jr., President
Mr. Brian Hollins, Vice President
Mrs. Cynthia Moore, Treasurer
Mr. Reed Newell
Mrs. Shirley Janovick
Mrs. Lori Griffin